Month: September 2023

Starting to paint

Yesterday at TTG was all about sanding, gluing the neck, and prepping for paint. We did get UV pore filler applied. Chris sprayed sealer yesterday afternoon. I am anticipating a full day of sanding for myself. The top on my guitar is most excellent.

It is looking like a guitar

The guitar build at Texas Toast Guitars is getting close to looking like a guitar. Yesterday I got the pickup routes and neck pocket in and routed the end of the neck for that it can be glued in. Today I will get the frets completed. I did get them in the neck yesterday but…

Texas Toast Guitars!

I am in Westminster Colorado this week at Texas Toast Guitars building a new guitar. I am having a great time so far. I have made a good deal of progress on the first two days Here are the photos.


today I installed the abalone inlays for the fretboard. It was straightforward and didn’t take long. Having said that, it was a fair bit of work. I bouth a pre-radiused and slotted maple fretboard. Finding the middle of the fret to place the inlay on a radiused fretboard is a challenge. I found a ruler…