Month: August 2023

Pine T style body

I got my two piece pine body blank from Stewmac today and have gotten most of the routing out of the way. It is going to be a humbucker telecaster style guitar. I am toying with the idea of routing the back out for the controls. Here are the pics. Last picture it is hanging…

Nearly finished

The new neck is nearly finished. I have a bunch of sanding to do, fret work, nut, and add the tuning machines. It was way more sanding than I thought it would be. Came out really good. I used my router to hog out material from the headstock. Then I used the oscillating spindle sander….

First Neck!

I have finally started working on my first neck. I am going to a Texas Toast Guitars workshop in September and I would like to have made at least one neck before the workshop. I have gotten pretty far today. I started with this block of wood. I have a Wen bandsaw and I cut…

The neck

I have not built a neck yet and I am really anxious about it. I have the wood and the tools. I have no experience or training. I have access to youtube so I should be able to get it done. It will be a classic tele neck shape made from mahogany from Tonewood Experts….

Wood for the next guitar is here

The body blank for the next guitar arrived today from The ash body blank is 2 pieces and weighs in at 8lbs 2oz not too bad and feels very light to me. Here it is: It doesn’t have the same variety of grain as the guitar I just finished but it is pretty cool….

New Guitar Day!

I have been busy building guitars. I have been building the bodies and buying used necks for a while. It started out as “can I build a tele body” and has turned into something else. I have been using wrap tail bridges on the last two builds. I really like the adjustability and look of…