I have not built a neck yet and I am really anxious about it. I have the wood and the tools. I have no experience or training. I have access to youtube so I should be able to get it done.

It will be a classic tele neck shape made from mahogany from Tonewood Experts. I have a 24 fret radiused fretboard, an 18 inch truss rod, a tele neck template, precut and radiused fret wire, and a tusq xl nut from StewMac. I also have some classic Wilkonson tuning machines from Amazon.

As I see it, today, these are the steps:

  1. Resaw the neck blank and then plane it flat
  2. Cut the truss rod slot
  3. Cut the neck out using the template, route the edges
  4. Glue on the fretboard
  5. Route the fretboard to size
  6. Sand the headstock
  7. Drill the tuner holes
  8. Put in the frets (including fret work)

Sounds like real work to me.