I built this a few years ago. The chassis and cabinet were donated by a friend. I thought the cabinet was way too cool to just toss into the waste bin.

This is the amp completed without the maple faceplate

I was inspired to build this based on the Uncle Doug youtube video about scratch building a Supro Tremo-Verb Model 6422RT . This is an 8 part series about building this great sounding amplifier.

My friend Tom gave me this old paper cabinet (literally) widow maker tube amp.

I reinforced the inner part of the paper cabinet with 1/2 inch pine. I had to replace the original handle eventually. The wiring was point to point and I kept it that way. It looks a little like a bowl of spaghetti.

gotta love point to point wiring

It has tremolo and reverb!

I could have gotten the grill cloth tighter

It came out very well. I put a 10 inch Warehouse Gutair speaker in it. The smooth cone American 10″ G10 C/S model. I really like this speaker. I put the same speaker in my Princeton clone.

This was a fun project. I ended up giving the amp to my friend and guitar teacher Cory Wilds. An amp should be used and not sit in someone’s closet.